Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator is utile and simple to install software proficiently generates one or more barcode labels with a lot of barcode settings and formatting in few clicks of mouse.

Barcode Generator Software introduced new technique to generate business barcode cards or Vcards by using QR image code generator. Basically, QR code is 2D barcode symbology that increasingly being used with various technology based application that can stores immense amount of data and easily deployable with the running platform in dependability as well as readily scan by smart phones such as Droid, Android, iphone, Blackberry, window based phones etc.

Primarily, this application permits generation of high quality of barcodes with ease that can warmly embedded into desktop based application such as Microsoft Word, Adobe In Design and Photoshop etc. Barcode Generator includes some essential feature while generating business barcode cards with QR code such as customization settings and properties automatic retention, command line option, easy copy to clipboard capability alongside auto file naming ability.

Silent features:-

• Easily embedded Vcards, business cards and HTML into QR barcode.

Creates barcode images in various picture file format namely as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF etc.

• Easily copy barcode image to clipboard results in executable into window based application.

• Creates image with graphical application as well as from command prompt.

• Widely used with Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign, frame maker, Photoshop, Page maker etc.